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X Window Client on Windows

You may run x clients (often same as  X window system clients , x11 clients , Linux applications and desktops , Unix applications and desktops) on Windows by two ways. LabF provides all necessary tools and software for both approaches.

1. Run Remote X Window Clients on Any Windows Desktop, "the Usual Way"

You just need a Windows x server to run an x client - any remote application (like Xterm, Xclock... )  or any remote desktop (like Gnome, KDE...) from one or more Unix or Linux hosts. Just install one of our x server products  (WinaXe, WinaXe Plus or AceaXe Plus) and you are able to open and operate over the network all and any x clients you need right on your Windows desktop. You may run the x clients together with the windows applications like they were just an other Windows application or you may leave the MS Windows desktop completely at the background making it to 100% look and feel Linux/Unix desktop. The choice is yours, we provide any desired window mode and management combination.

2. Run Local X Window Clients on Your Windows Desktop, "the Longer Route"

You can build new or port existing X clients from Linux and Unix to be run completely locally on MS Windows platform, without any connection to Linux or Unix host. For that you need LabF's X Development Kit and LabF's Run-Time X environment which both come as part of any of our X Server products (WinaXe, WinaXe Plus or AceaXe Plus) and are free to download and evaluate as fully functional versions.

Read more on: Make your own X clients for Windows with LabF XDK!


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